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  • Powerful way to Win at today’s casino roulette
  • Flat bet or use small progressions
  • Maximize your winnings
  • Triple your Bankroll
  • Easy to play and win
  • Built-in money management
  • Start with a small bankroll
  • $25.00 bet pays $875.00


Dear Advantage Player,

Power Roulette is easy to play.  You will know the exact numbers to place your wagers on.  When playing the numbers straight up – placing a chip on the number – the payoff is thirty-five to one.  You will know exactly what numbers to place the chip on.  You can see Power Roulette wins on the numbers straight up – which pays thirty-five to one.  You will see with your very own eyes that Power Roulette really wins!

Call today for a free demonstration.  It’s a Free call @ 1-800-724-4385 or 1-301-574-0432.  You will see with your very own eyes, using real roulette numbers from your favorite casino, Power Roulette share with you the very next number that wins.  If you do not believe what you see with your very own eyes, I do not know who you would believe.  Roulette winning numbers pay thirty-five to one.  When you call with roulette numbers from your favorite casino, I will share a free betting method and I will play your numbers from your casino anywhere in the world. 

With Power Roulette you will know all the inside secrets that the casinos do not want you to know.  With Power Roulette you as a player will know exactly what numbers to place your wager on.  Power Roulette is not just a betting method.  Power Roulette is a game you as a player have control; this is not like Blackjack where you have no control over the game.  A fellow blackjack player can take the wrong card and destroy your hand of blackjack.  With Power Roulette no other player can influence your game.  You will know exactly what numbers are coming up next.

The fact is a knowledgeable Power Roulette player like yourself can win a lot of money because when the ball goes around the wheel you are going to know exactly where the ball is going next.  You do not need a large bankroll to play Power Roulette.  You can place a flat wager on the numbers.  Power Roulette is a method for playing the numbers straight up that is highly successful.  It is designed to win.  Power Roulette takes players and turns them into winners.

Power Roulette players control the game.  Another player’s action at the table does not interfere with your winning and wagering directly on the numbers.  Roulette is not like Craps where another player can throw a seven just as you have all your highest bets on the craps table.  The player “sevens out” and you lose all your bets.

With Power Roulette you have control of winning.  No other player can make you lose your wager.  In Ultra Baccarat, you also have control of the game.  No one player can pull an extra card.

When playing poker, you have no real control of the game.  Poker players can have a really good hand and still lose, it’s called a bad beat.

When playing other novelty Table games, you don’t have control of the game.  Whether it’s Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud or Three Card Poker, the cards are dealt and you just win or lose.

Power Roulette will share with you the inside secrets to beat the casinos.  Power Roulette wins and is easy to play.  Power Roulette requires only a small bankroll.  You can flat bet with one unit (chip) on the exact number.  Or you can play the added action.  You only need a small bankroll.  Every time the ball goes around the wheel you will know exactly where the ball is going to land. 

Using Power Roulette is almost a license to steal. And it's 100% legal. It's easier to play than you could ever imagine. Sound impossible? Not when you know my secrets. The fact is a knowledgeable player like you can win a lot of money on a consistent basis. You do not need a large bankroll to play Power Roulette. This method is highly successful. It is designed to win. Power Roulette takes players and turns them into winners.

Please don't wait any longer. This is a method for getting money at the  casinos that is simply out of this world. It is the MOST INCREDIBLE METHOD FOR COLLECTING MONEY that you will ever see in your life because it is so easy! Do not let this incredible opportunity pass you by.

You can win almost effortlessly at your casino. This will be some of the easiest money you have ever made in your entire life. This secret information is the Most Powerful winning knowledge available. You have never seen anything like it. Power Roulette is easy to understand, easy to use, easy to play, easy to WIN!!!!

After years of research and testing, I have NEVER, but never found anything with the immense power and consistency of Power Roulette.

You don't have to wait for someone else to give you permission. Do not procrastinate. I am so confident that Power Roulette will work for you. It's easy. It's ingenious. Best of all it can work for you! Don't throw away your opportunity to MAKE MORE MONEY! You may never find an easier way! This is the surest way to amass steady amounts of cash from the casinos on a daily basis. This is better than a steady job, because you get paid every time you play and win. You always need more knowledge, and now you can get it.

Power Roulette is your most powerful winner in the casinos today. You will become a member of Power Roulette's elite club. You should know that I play this as often as I talk about it. You too can enjoy the same kind of results, and I sincerely hope you will. If you are at all serious about winning at your favorite casinos, DON'T Delay! Take the steps necessary to join this elite group of winners today.



Two of my players have won three roulette tournaments using Power Roulette.  The most recent winner, Vince, won $50,000 at the prestigious Star City Casino in Sydney, Australia.  My other player, EO, won back to back roulette  tournaments at the Flamingo Hilton (now the Flamingo) in Las Vegas. 


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...I recently ordered your program, and I am extremely satisfied. The results have been extraordinary. I have won at every table I have played. Power Roulette has done exactly what you said it would do – Make me a consistent winner at the roulette tables. Thank you again. ... FT, Rahway, NJ

...I just want to thank you for turning me on to your method. On my first day of playing Power Roulette, I had nine hits out of my first ten tries. When you are being paid at 35 to 1 odds, nothing is sweeter than when the dealer pushes that large stack of chips your way... MRH, Pasadena, CA

...Here's a letter we received from someone who has lived and gamble professionally in Las Vegas for many years:      Wow, this really works well!  Thank you!!! TB, Las Vegas

...Thanks again Suzanne for your help and patience with me over the phone. After listening to the tapes again and your suggestions of play, its helped a lot. It's nice to deal with folks who are fair, honest and sincere in helping people to become successful with your system of play. The business world needs more people like you. Thanks ever so much...  MH, Reno, NV

...I have been a player of Suzanne's for over five years now.  She is in the action and I can honestly say that she is a real pro.  I have played roulette in Las Vegas with her and she is one of the nicest professionals you could ever meet.  Suzanne also conducts her business with an incredible sense of INTEGRITY -- which is definitely one of the reasons she is super successful today.  With Power Roulette, you have NO EXCUSES not to achieve whatever level of success YOU want to achieve for yourself and your family...OT, Carmel, CA

...I have been reading your Power Roulette newsletters for over a year now and, if I may be direct, IT ROCKS.  Thank you for giving me the knowledge, tools and inspiration to do what I have always wanted to do and become a pro...DC, Las Vegas, NV

...I am now ahead $3,617. The system is awesome, it's a real killer. I am so happy with it ...  I remain, a fellow roulette winning gambler...  GK, Fort Worth, TX

...I think this is so wonderful that you take the time to share this with people.  I want to thank you so much. I went out in the casino and Power Roulette won just like you said it would. I could tell from the first time I talked to you that you were an honest and sincere person...  BP, Belgium

Thanks for visiting my country. Your strategies are most profitable, and I so enjoyed our casino play together. You are a superb player, and your enthusiasm and professionalism are indeed remarkable. Please visit again soon... LM, Melbourne, Australia

This is one of the best investments I have ever made. I think it is fabulous how you are so determined to dedicate yourself helping individuals who want to enhance their lifestyle...  JF, Aqawam, MA



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